Making GoPros GoFurther

Have you ever used a GoPro for something where the battery failed or the card filled up right before the action? A few weeks ago I was tasked with coming up with a solution to make it so a single GoProcan record for 15+ hours straight without switching cards or changing out batteries. We needed this for a new network show that was green lighted. During the past year I had come across a digital video recorder from Atomos called the Ninja that would take the HDMI out of cameras and record it in Apple Pros Res to a 2.5″ drive that is inserted into the recorder. I looked it up again and found that it recorded in HQ , 422, and LT which is great because it gave options depending on how long you wanted to record for. On LT the drive would record for 15+hours without a hiccup. Perfect match!

I ordered one of these from B&H along with the new GoPro HD Hero2 to test out. It worked great! the HDMI output of the GoPro sends out a full resolution signal which looked great in LT. The GoPro doesn’t need a card, and just has to remain powered on. Powering the devices was a separate story.

GoPro recently came out with a 12v dual usb plug (and a wall charger). By plugging this into the GoPros, it would allow them to stay on permanently. As far as the Ninja goes, Swit Electronics makes a dual charger that has ac outputs for dummy batteries that connect to the back of the Ninja. With one 12V plug from GoPro and a dual charger from Swit you can power two GoPros & two Ninjas at once!

What happens if you lose power? No worries, the battery in the GoPro will kick in right away as well as the battery on the Ninja without a glitch in the recording. The Ninja is a great recorder and can double in multiple capacities. Its not just a recorder, but a monitor as well. When your setting up your cameras, you can see where they are pointed from the monitor.

Stay posted for photos of the set-up and demos of the video. (I’m going to try to start doing a lot more blogging)


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