Achieve identical shots with a Kessler Basic Controller

Recently I was asked if it was possible to repeat the same move twice with the Kessler Basic Controller. Usually when you are trying to create identical moves on a slider more than once you need a digital controller like Kessler’s Oracle Controller to ensure that each slide has the precise timing that you need. However, if you do not have the money for the Oracle Controller or their new Second Shooter system, then it is possible to do repeated dolly moves if each slide is done very carefully.

The trick is to pick the speed setting you want on the basic controller and maintain that setting throughout the entire shoot. For example, let’s say I put the Basic Controller at a setting of 2.5 and the controller is placed on continuous mode (Yellow light). I start the slider move by pressing the arrow on the controller in the direction I want the camera to travel. This gives me my first shot. Now in order to duplicate that shot again with the same exact timing, I have to tell the camera to go back to the start of the move which in this case would be the other end of the slider. You cannot touch the speed dial because you cannot guarantee that it will be placed at the same speed setting you used in the initial move. To get the camera back to the original starting position I pressed the arrow on the controller in the opposite direction the camera came from at the same setting of 2.5. As long as you do not touch the dial and move the camera back and fourth at 2.5 the shot should be identical each time. If you want to use this technique for a time lapse I would suggest detaching the motor and move the slider back by hand without touching the controller. Here is the video of the test I did in my kitchen.

MotionTest from Nick Righi on Vimeo.


If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!



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