60D Firmware Upgrade

Recently I was introduced to a firmware for the canon 60D that unlocks a series of professional features to utilize your DSLR to its maximum potential. The firmware was created by Magic Lantern. It works by booting up from a SDHC card, so you are never overwriting the firmware on the actual camera. You always have the choice to switch back to canon’s native firmware. The firmware provides an internal intervalometer, up to 9 pictures for HDR, and many more advanced user features. You can even display audio levels on the display screen for monitoring.

However there are a couple things that you need to make sure you do before using it. Make sure that your 60D is up to date on the latest firmware released by canon. You must put the firmware on all of your cards in order to use it on each card, and update the firmware to Magic Lantern’s each time you use a new card. Read the instructions carefully on Magic Lantern site . There is a risk of turning your camera into a very expensive paper weight (Though I haven’t heard it happening to anyone, and it works fine for me). Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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